If you want to contribute to our efforts, you are welcomed to become a member of IDEAL association. Your membership allows you to foster the associations success. You will improve this process through the exchange of your personal experiences and through new original proposals on how to achive our common goals.

This membership offers to you:

  • Contacts, opportunities and experience exchanges between different individuals, associations and companies
  • Profesional help in educational, economical and social matters
  • Support in different projects in Albania and Germany
  • Up to date information about regional offers in the areas of integration, education and social time
  • Cooperation opportunities in different projects in the areas of society, politics and culture

The annual contribution depends on your current work situatiuon. There are two types of membership offered: corporate and individuals. Corporate members are all the associations, private and state institutions and companies who support our association and our objectives. Individual members are considered all of those who do not belong to the above membership group.

The annual contributions currently are:

  • for corporate members   200 Euros
  • for individual members     60 Euros
  • for student members        40 Euros.


If you wish to become a member of our association, please complete the aplication form and post it at the following address:

Integrative Deutsch-Albanische Gesellschaft e.V.
Rellinghauser Str. 22
45128 Essen | Germany