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files/IDEAL-Webseiten-Inhalts-Bilder/Bild__Wuerfel.jpgIDEAL, the Integrative German-Albanian Association, is a unification of German-Albanian associations, institutions and common people. Being a non-profit organisation, the main aim of IDEAL is to improve the bilateral relations by increasing the cooperation in the areas of integration, economy, culture and society. Our activities in Germany are focused on the region of the federal state North Rhine-Westphalia.


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In this section „About us“ you will find further information on our society’s foundation in 2011, on our aims and goals as well as on how our society is organised.

We would be delighted to stay in contact with you. Please write us to the e-mail address info@i-de-al.org.



IDEAL organises in a creative way different projects in the areas of education, society, culture and economy.

Please find further information on our partner’s as well as on our own activities in our current newsletter, in our latest news section (all available in German and/or Albanian language).


Our last event:

IDEAL and the ministry of culture in Albania organised of the exclusive Concert “Albanian Spirit in Essen” as part of the “ALBANIAN NOVEMBER 2018“(the Albanian November) on 16. November 2018. More than 500 visitors were fascinated by the performance of the worldwide famous Albanian Folklore-Ensembles.

We would like to thank all of our guests and the artists for such a wonderful evening!


On the same day under the auspices of the Albanian Honorary Consulate in North Rhine-Westphalia IDEAL organised the festive reception and network day at the famous Wirtschaftsclub Düsseldorf on the occasion of the 106th year of the Independence Day of Albania. More than 80 special guests. Diplomatic and Economic representatives of important partner countries for Albania such as France, the Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Japan, the Switzerland, Belgium, etc. dialogued with representatives of Albanian diaspora present at the event and enjoyed the exclusive performance of the artists of our State Ensemble. A special thanks goes to Mr. Lazim Destani, Founder of ND Group and co-shareholder of the Economic Club and his team for their extraordinary support.


see the flyer, see the video & get more detais


If you want to support our efforts, you are welcomed to become a member of IDEAL. Your membership will allow you to contribute towards the integration’s success. You will improve this process through the exchange of your personal experiences and through new original proposals on how to achive our common goals.




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If you wish to support our association in achieving its objectives, you are kidly invited to donate any contribution.








IDEAL can look back on a series of events since it's foundation in 2011. If want to learn more on our past activities, please refer to our picture gallery and to our former newsletters (available in German and/or Albanian language).


Please also find in this section impressions and reports of our 1st German-Albanian Dialogue Day 2013
in Essen as well as of our business 1st German-Albanian Dialogue Trip 2015 to Tirana and Prishtina.

  IDEAL offers help about any question and concern about these areas:
  • Legal rights of emigrants
  • Integration steps and actions
  • Economy and investments
  • Education, training and social matters
  • Services
  • Art and culture


IDEAL Special Promotion: Illustrated books about Albania and Kosovo

IDEAL promotes the Monograph Albania of the photo artists Doris and Jürgen Sieckmeyer. With this book you can get picturesque impressions of the country and the people, be it to prepare for a trip to Albania or to become reminded of your travel experience to the country.

Coverbild der Monografie Albanien

A sample book is open to inspection at the IDEAL office in Essen and the book can be ordered via IDEAL at a discount price. Please find further information about the photogrpahers and authors on their web page www.sieckmeyer.com.

IDEAL recommends the Monograph Kosovo of the two photographers and authors Doris und Jürgen Sieckmeyer. With this book you can learn more about the country and its people as well as preserve your memories of your visit to Kosovo.

Coverbild der Monografie Kosovo

This coffee-table book comprises in access of 100 imposing photos as well as detailed descriptions. The Monograph can be ordered via IDEAL at a discount price. Further art works of the authors are shown on their web site  www.sieckmeyer.com.


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