files/IDEAL-Webseiten-Inhalts-Bilder/Bild__Puzzelstuecke.jpgThe Integrative German-Albanian Association (IDEAL) is a non-profit organisation and coordinates activities of German-Albanian associations, institutions, companies and common people. Their main aim is to improve the bilateral relations between Germany and Albania/ Kosovo by increasing the cooperation in the areas of integration, economy, culture, and society.

Our association is not only focused on supporting the full integration of Albanian emigrants into the German society in the areas of education and professional jobs, but we are focused on supporting the new generation of Albanian emigrants in identifying themselves with the Albanian and German history and culture.

IDEAL supports the social integration of Albanian emigrants, at the same time as keeping their native identity and culture. IDEAL facilitates the exchange of the knowledge and experiences between different individuals, institutions and companies. This way IDEAL improves the dialogue and the relations between the citizens of both countries, and helps in reducing and eliminating misunderstandings as well as proconceptions.


For more detailed information on IDEAL's aims and structure please refer to the section "√úber uns" on our German pages of this web site.